A 12-hour coding experience for all skill levels

10 October 2020 - San Jose CA

What is NetHacks?

NetHacks is a 12-hour coding experience for all skill levels. At this hackathon, students will get together in up to 4 person groups and collaboratively code a solution or idea for a given topic, typically in the form of a website, algorithm, or app. No experience is required, so even if you've never coded, you are welcome to attend NetHacks, where we will have workshops to teach you some skills and about the computer science field.

What Should I Bring?

- Laptop

- Power Cord

- Student ID (picture is fine)

- A signed copy of waiver

- A positive attitude!

Please contact us as soon as possible if you are unable to bring the materials above, as we may have additional laptops to share with participants. Lunch and Dinner will also be provided.



- All coding will be done at the hackathon. No pre-coding (working on the project before hackathon) of any type is allowed.

- We will be following the MLH Code of Conduct.

- Project submissions and presentations must be submitted on time or they will be disqualified.

The topic for NetHacks will be released on the day of the hackathon to prevent pre-coding.